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What is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?

Writer's Block: Dinner's on me

If you had to serve a meal to an ambassador from another country that symbolized your country's culture, what would you choose? Do you think s/he would love it as much as you do?

a steak knife.

Random Ranting 3:49 4/25/10

Are you ok? Has to be the Q I hate the most in this god forsaken place. Sometimes I'm fine and someone asked me that, Now im not ok you stupid fucking idiot or when your not ok and they ask. Thats worse exspeacily because its like if I wanted to talk to you I would have.  Now shut the fuck up and leave me alone! IDK but lately my composer has been slipping.  I'm usely "happy" all the time but now my real self is starting to show. But when I'm with my friend Cayla everything is better she keeps me together and I keep her together. Yeah. :'(


Tik Tok

Tik tok go the clock it stricks nine the girls layin on the floor holding the knife her dad dosn't love her her mom don't care and god's never answerd a pray so take the knife hunny end the pain when ur parents find out they'll be ashamed of what they did of what u become maybe now they'll relize and give u love

life sucks ass

man i really just want to kill myself right now


life is like a joke. a really sick twisted joke. the jokes on u cuz u go through all this crap only to get screwed in the end. so why do we try really why. because we can pretend that were not getting screwed in the end. i mean really ur born to die. dosn't it sound like a happy thing note my sarcasm. why try we all fail. i hate the way people act all happy and joyfull. in the end that joyfull face will be broken up with or screwed over complety. i hate life its just a big fat lie evryone will never love u ur going to be hated ur going to fucked like a stupid retard people that we are. so why the hell are u happy were all fucked in  the end.

Red iris